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As you might have gather, my blog is turning into a fitness and fashion blog and will showcase what I eat and how I train to keep in my best shape. As an image consultant I get judge for not only the way I dress, but my weight and size and I feel it important to keep in your best health by eating the correct thing. Here I will post about my training and diet, whilst obviously sharing my fashion inspiration and what I have been wearing.



Baked salmon with broccoli, green beans, peas, chickpeas and avocado

Training - I had a PT sess today, so it was fairly intense. 

12 minutes HIIT 

1. Level 5 for 2 minutes
2. Level 10 for 2 minutes
Back down for a minute
3. Level 13 for a minute, up to 14 for a minute
Back down for a minute
4. Level 15 for 2 minutes
Back down for remainder

Sumo Squats

5 sets - 40kg x 2 50kg x 2 40kg x 1

Leg Press - 120kg (2 minutes)

Deadlifts - 3 sets
Lungs and box jumps - 3 sets

10 minute ab workout


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