WOW - #WellnessWednesday

I style - as you know 

I pop to the gym now and again - as you also know

I commission in PT's for my clients who want them on styling days

BUT,  I have never been one of those gym girls; and frankly the act I have turned into one is going back on everything I ever said and is rather hypocritical. 

AND yesterday, I came to the realisation that I have become one of those girls - the fact I was reading some girls workout routine highlighted this sad fact . . . 

SO . . . HERE IT IS . . . Granted, the first of many, and sorry Daddy for the half naked pictures of your daughter floating around the internet, but I think the term is 'progress pic' <<< what the fuck have I turned into?!? 

Wait till I get my photographer on this - you'll be seeing more Fitness and Fashion posts from now on - I have conformed.

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