Hat headphones? #echodesign

No you did read the title correctly! Echo Design have just brought out a hat, which also embeds a pair of headphones. Admittedly when I first heard about the idea, I thought it to be a little strange and kind of still do, but they are so cool.

The hats are lightweight, super warm and come in a variety of colours, but slimly hide away  a pair of built in headphones so you can listen to your music and stay warm at the same time. The sound quality is actually really good and I have to say I will definitely be wearing my headphone hat (if thats the  correct term) during these fast approaching old winter months

A selection of the brand will soon be available at Harrods and why stop there, they also produce gloves that allow you to use touch screen devices without having to take them off. It's all in the finger tips you see. Again available in a variety of colour the gloves are slim, flattering and actually fairly warm. Both would be great as a Christmas stocking filler and don't retail at bad prices either, with them selling around the £40.00 mark.

Visit the store online at www.echodesign.com but soon to be available at Harrods! 


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