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I'd love to introduce you to another new blogger to New York Doll, her name is Emily Hier and she will be blogging now and again from here on in, which is very exciting! This is her first blog post, titled 'Fuzzy is Fun,' - I hope you like it!

Having devoured the September issue of Vogue (did anyone else think it was unusual for Vogue to use a largely unknown model – at least, Daria Werbowy is unknown to me – instead of the usual celebrity promoting something for its September issue?) in half an hour, I noticed all the A/W ‘13 trends seem to be pointing to one thing – comfort in those long cold months. I know, I know. It’s odd to be thinking of winter clothes in the midst of all this lovely August sunshine, but it can’t be helped when all the magazines are full of editorials with gorgeous shearling jackets layered over oversized jumpers. Unusually, for fashion, it’s all about the practicality:

New this year though, are fuzzy purses from Fendi and Phillip Lim. Pretty yet comfy right? Everytime you need a hug, just have a cuddle with your clutch! I can’t help thinking this furry trend is all down to little Quvenzhan√© Wallis, star of Beasts of the Southern Wild, who used awards season earlier this year to show off her series of stuffed animal purses (which she called her “good luck charm”), which all matched her dresses. The bags grew so popular after Little Q wore them on the red carpet that the creators, Poochie & Co, struggled to meet demand in the days after the Oscars.

I like to think this Proenza Scholer lilac shearling bag is the grown-up version of Little Q’s puppy purse. This Fendi one just took me right back to my childhood on Sesame Street with the Cookie Monster. My heart melted at the sight of both, to be honest. Would any of you judge me if I took the bags to bed – or at least, a high street version of them - like a little teddy bear? Nope, thought not. 

by Emily Hier


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