Cheap but chic!

Sometimes the less expensive pieces can be pulled off to look surprisingly expensive. That simple. Why pay more for something when you can pay less? Being a student and a fashion fanatic is not a gift, in fact it’s a curse. We spend all our loans on the finer things in life and BAM! It’s all gone in an instant! Anyway enough babbling on. 

Whilst having the amazing opportunity to work with Heat Magazine I had the advantage to look at the latest trends and stylistic figures. But more surprisingly I realized the comparison from high market items to mediocre pieces of clothing. It was shocking! I mean why buy expensive wear from Diesel or Urban Outfitters when you could probably get the same looking items from River Island or Republic!? (Though it’s worth every penny!)

So I took a spontaneous trip to the rural area of Camden town. As many may already know, Camden is popular for its vibrant touch of style and unique taste in dress sense. It rubs on everyone and everything there!  But something caught my attention around this diverse atmosphere.  Jerseys. Nothing is as sporty and summery like a good old jersey. And now that they are oversized, us ladies are pulling them off more than the males ever did! Even better is that you could steal it from your boyf or even better your bros wardrobe (I sure did!). From the likes of the beautiful Jourdan Dunn and extrovert Miley Cyrus wearing them, oversized jerseys are the most prestigious and popular pieces that celebrities are wearing them more and more. Just couple them up with some disco pants or leather leggings for a ‘tom-boyish’ look and bring the summer back in to the England, it’s not over yet! Yes, I know it’s probably cheating but I won’t tell if you don’t tell and all that Jazz!

I will be having regular contributing bloggers from on so keep an eye out!!! 


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