The Five Year Plan

I suppose a lot of you will have thought about your future, what it holds, what you would like it to hold and maybe even create yourself a little 'five year plan.' You hear it all the time so, what is your five year plan? What do you want to achieve? I guess I am coming to the age where I should really think about what I want, however, I have come to realise I am rather ambitious and set myself unrealistic goals, but I suppose you best aim high. I read a tweet the other day about people setting themselves 12 goals, as it was on the 12.12.12 to be completed within five years, here are mine:

1. Finish my Masters course with a 1st (2016)
2. Be fluent in French and Italian
3. Own my own business (I haven't quite thought what it will be, but I'm hoping a boutique)
4. Be a famous fashion blogger like Coco's Tea Party or Bip Ling
5. Get into presenting
6. Own my own house (or at least have put the deposit down)
7. Be working on my own clothing line
8. Be the happiest I have ever been
9. Surround myself with good friends, family and appreciate everything life throws at me
10. Travel to Thailand, around Europe and the Caribbean Islands
11. Spend some time living in Italy
12. Have a puppy

All by the age of 24

What is your five year plan? 


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