The Clothes Show Live 2012

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to go to The Clothes Show Live with my mother, it's been a tradition for the past five years, but this year was slightly different, as I was able to go as a press member instead and thought I would bring my mum along as well. Obviously, I knew what to expect - a bunch of screaming girls, BB, endless goody bags and celebrity endorsements. I wasn't disappointed, but was surprised to see Made In Chelsea's Jamie Lang making an appearance for this Candy Kitten stall, who knew he did a range of clothing as well. I literally thought it was a few sweets and some pants. Anyway, the pre-teens just loved him, screamed the place down shouting adornment towards him. So I suppose, if you fall into the love sick teen category, go check him out.

 What I love most about the clothes show is coming across designers I haven't heard of and seeing their collection up close. Someone whose collection I thought was amazing was Emma Box. Her displayed pieces reminded me very much of a Hermut Lang collections, which I just loved!

Here are a few pictures from her Graduate fashion week

This is the start of a fabulous career and I expect we will be seeing some more great pieces in time. 



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