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Let's not lie, Christmas is all about us girls. From finding the perfect party dress to choosing a great Christmas gift. Here are a few ideas I think you might like.

This new collection has a split personality. In terms of materials, there is a leather jacket with big cable knit panels, a ribbed sweater dress, a wool skirt with a waffle finish, a tailored jacket with a ribbed collar. Shapes either play tricks – a collared dress and leather basque that mimic the curves of a suit, a dress with bold cut-outs that appears to be formed of layers of jersey, a bouclĂ© knit jacket with a faux inner waistcoat – or undergo a radical transformation when a crossover collar is raised or folded down.
As always with Karl Lagerfeld, the detailing is impressive: buttons are made from metal locks (the key can be found embroidered on a men's t-shirt), and pockets are hidden in the inverted pleats of a leather skirt or placed and buttoned one on top of the other. Shirt fronts are adorned with topstitching, raw edges or horizontal pleats, zips enclose trousers at the ankle, a ribbon of solid rivets runs right down a leg, and transparency is used to great effect.

A curvaceous silhouette between shoulders and knees that tapers into a slender line to the ankles and appears to offer a manifesto for a new kind of femininity.

In love with the colour of this dress!!

A few pieces from the Karlouflage collection


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