I HATE rudeness with a passion @WhiskyMist - DONT USE TEE REE'S GUESTLIST

My blog is now going to become a place of RANT! I never use it to express my views on a negative, but today is the day that tone changes. As I mentioned yesterday, right now I am meant to be at Whisky Mist, apparently one of the coolest night clubs in London and a regular celebrity hotspot, for Louise from Made In Chelsea's launch of her jean collection (Pocket London).

I heard about the event from a friend I know in fashion who had asked me along, but said others could get in if they were on a guestlist. Obviously, I wanted to bring my new London friends that I had made on the course, that I'm living with and my all time best friend Polly Robinson along, but there was no way I could wangle an extra 15 people onto my invite, but got sent a link to a guestlist on facebook, where you just had to add your name under a guy called Tee.

I thought that would be a pretty good idea, resulting in me being able to go with all my friends and have a equally fabulous night with everyone and get extra material for my blog. I thought wrong, the friends I invited invited others and asked me to put them on the guestlist, which is totally fine, the more the merrier. I love meeting new people, have a large group and literally getting bungalowed. After a little issue, everyone was pretty hyped to go, but running late even after i'd tried to make it clear that we had to leave at 9pm.

For some reason, I just let myself sink into the background when there are lots of other big personalities, its weird because I am such a confident person in general, but don't feel like I can be when I'm around new people. The girls who I didn't know had arrived and immediately filled the room with more excitement and clearly I was glad for more to arrive, however, they didn't even introduce themselves or say a 'hey thanks for adding me to the guestlist,' it sounds petty now, but a small thank you goes a hell of a long way in my book. That kind of ticked me off and I just felt a little left out as everyone else really knew each other rather well, so again I stayed even quieter.

This took us to about 9:30 ish, I wanted to have left by 9 so I could pick up Polly en route and still have a lot of time to make sure we got in on time, but when are my views ever listened to? Anyway, I met another friend on the way to the tube, but we took a different line to the rest of the group, so we could get polly and didn't have to walk as far (Lazy I know). In the mean time they had arrived and entered the club.

After queuing to get in, we got to the door and was approached by the most snooty, pretentious woman I have ever met (believe me I have met a few in this industry and at boarding school) who asked what guestlist we were on, after looking us all up and down in the cattiest of ways. My reply was Tee's guestlist and she simple said it was full and we needed to get out of the queue. Obviously I didn't want to make a scene so just walked away, text Tee who said it wasn't, but did he come outside to get us - no! He just asked how many were turned away, clearly thinking about the money he had lost. I then went onto explain the situation and how I was meant to be blogging about it etc etc, to which he didn't reply, which is utterly rude in my opinion. No where did he state that it would close before 10:30 when the opening time as meant to be from 10:30 - 11.

No one use Tee Ree's (Tee Ree's Facebook for events) guestlist for any London event, find someone else to go on the guestlist with and I definitely wouldn't recommend going to Whisky Mist either.

So obviously, I was pissed off about that, but also pissed off at the fact my flat who I put on the guestlist were inside and the text I got off one of them was a 'I feel terrible, where in VIP.' Not a 'Are you okay, I'll come and meet you cause it's totally unfair.' To which I definitely would have replied no enjoy your night and have a good time, and fully meant it. But the fact I didn't has just made me more upset with the situation, maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't leave the person who went to the trouble to organise the night outside no matter how good the party was or what celebrities were there because they were my friend. Maybe that's my trouble, I always put people before myself and don't ever want to course a fuss just not to course an argument, I'd rather stay quiet if I'm upset and let it side.


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