From Caveman To Casanova: The Secret Of Men’s Fashion

We’re all familiar with the scene of a modern Neanderthal scratching his chest and yawning absent-mindedly; clad from head to toe in attire which has somehow managed to be even less fashionable than the loin cloth sported by his ancestors. Yet, thanks to some radical rethinking on men’s fashion, this image does not need to be a reality any longer.

For those with an interest in appeasing the opposite sex, men’s fashion has taken a drastic turn. Whereas it was once considered effeminate to take care of your appearance, the modern man must be well groomed at all times or face social exclusion.

Of course, there are certain stylistic elements which have remained the same and for many men the trick to embracing this new style is finding a balance between taking pride in your appearance and taking longer in the bathroom than your other half.

Ultimately, the trends which have been adopted are those which offer men the ability to look great with minimal effort – or at the very least, the illusion of minimal effort.

Tousled bed hair and casual jumpers are staple requirements and even mens trainers have undergone some radical improvements as time has passed. With plenty of designs now available on the market, choosing the perfect pair of mens trainers is easier than ever before as comfort and practicality are combined seamlessly with style.

How to make the transition

For those who are still embodying the caveman image but are eager to make the transition into the modern era, there are plenty of ways to achieve your goal. Ultimately, the secret of men’s fashion is simplicity: nobody likes a try-hard so always dress with minimalism in mind.

Classic styles such as plain T-shirts and jeans will remain staples of any fashionable male’s wardrobe, with the casual blazer helping to bring some edginess to the look. In terms of footwear, trainers will remain the casual choice whilst those going for a smarter look should opt for leather boots with a very slight heel.

In terms of accessories, mens bags are varied and diverse with satchels or record bags being the epitome of classic cool. Scarves are another popular addition – especially as the seasons change.

Those wanting to embody the charm and style of Casanova should remember that simplicity is best. Keep colours plain and neutral and choose clothing which is appropriate for your body shape. Fitted clothes are great for those with slimmer frames but should not be overly clingy. 


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