Golly Gosh #Fashionfails

I'll break you in gently and save some of the best till last. Personally, I kind of like the middle dress, but that purple puffy dead poodle and blue and green cloak of death had to be shown - girls girls girls, you're trying to look good on the red carpet, not just like you've been eaten alive by your 'clothes.'

At least her hair is pretty - Not sure what to say about those hideous short, if they even are shorts, we could be stepping into the realms of a god awful playsuit. Either way, I hate it.

Now for the funny . . . 

Does she know her boobs are lopsided and one is about to pop out and meet the crowd? I'm guessing not considering that look on her face: "Guys I know I hot" (Strike fierce Tyra pose).

And I thought I had a big bum.


  1. I just followed you, can you make the same on my fb fanpage please?

  2. I like middle dress in first picture cause looks great on her :)

  3. These photo's a so funny but sad at the same time haha
    Great blog :)


  4. Very funny post. These outfits are so... unique.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I jusr followed you on facebook. Can you make the same?

  6. hah! what a fun post! good job )

  7. aimee, the 1st thing i thought was i like the middle dress. then i read you liked it too. funny huh? the rest of the fails, are just plain horrid, especially the end stuff. yikes!

  8. some of those pics r so funny, nice picks:) x


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