Cyeoms #lookoftheweek

Morning all, what lovely weather it is today here in Yorkshire. Before I start the mammoth task of tidying my room and a lot of reading, I thought I would post my 'look of the week.' So, here you see pretty pictures from Cyeoms S/S '12 collection 'French Picnic.'

Literally in LOVE with this skirt, it would be rather cool if one of you could buy it for me! 

So simple, but adore the cut, fall and pure white finish.



  1. enjoy your room cleaning & studying aimee doll! ;) i'm quite taken with all the accessories in this post.

  2. thanks for your lovely comment :) Follow you too on gefc and bloglovin :)


  3. These photos are all so gorgeous. I love the laid back, but chic vibe going on.

  4. I love these looks!


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