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Sometimes, I think my style has changed, from the Jack wills 'preppy look' to the I don't have to fit in with people and can wear what the hell I want aesthetic. This may be fine when I'm down South and everyone has this liberal approach to fashion, however, being back up here in Yorkshire, in the middle of the country side, sometimes my style is questionable. Yesterday, I went to dinner with my mother in York and golly did I get some looks - I was wearing an asymmetric skirt and white cropped top, nothing OTT at all, but I clearly didn't fit in with my surroundings - oh well. 

LOVE creepers - although I wouldn't never wear them myself - I'm just not that cool!


For this outfit


  1. The last outfit looks awesome

  2. That's a great style!!!

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  3. I love the last sandals!!! ^^

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  5. Don't worry too much what other people think, you always look great to me! Love your blog and I found it when you commented on someone else's blog. Now following! I would really appreciate if you have a minute to check out mine.

  6. What a fantastic look. I love that denim jacket with the studs - gorgeous!

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  8. you've lovely blog! :)

  9. Love the last outfit. These pieces are so pretty. It's a beautiful skirt.

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  11. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog earlier!
    i love your style & your blog too! maybe we can follow each other (:

  12. I really like the spiked denim jacket!


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