Morning fashion fix. . . 4th May

Hey dolls, hope everyone is doing well!

Loved the comments from the last post, they did make me giggle, especially finding out that it has happened to some of you - sorry!

Here is a little inspiration. . .

Body and Soul by Tomorrow is the End of the World



  1. Great inspirations. Love these outfits and styles.
    Nice choices.

  2. the first ones are so fab!!!
    great choices.

  3. Oh thank you so so much! You made my day. I love your comment. I'm so happy that you liked my blog! Sure, we can follow each other. I like to join your challenge.

    All love to you!
    Felicia W.

  4. No wonder they have the model leaning against the wall in those shoes, she probably couldn't stand up! She looks amazing though and I adore what she's wearing!

    Lea x

  5. Great inspiration, such a good selection :)


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