Long hair Lust #Hairspiration

If you read my blog often or know me at all, you will know how I LOVE long thick hair and really want to grow my mine past 'boob length.' The only thing is, my hair doesn't grow very quickly - somewhat annoy I have to admit, but one day I will get there! Here are a few pictures I found and lust every all the girls' hair in them.

If only there was a vitamin I could take which gave me immediately thick long hair! 


  1. Kim Kardashian looks so pretty in that pic. I really like how her skin tone and her hair color matches.
    For the thick long hair I can only recommend not to bleach and color your hair,.. and since 2 months I take a dietary supplement. This is a mix of minerals for the skin, nails and hair and I absolutely love it. My hair is pretty long and it's thicker. Maybe you can get a supplement with silice, fer, potassium, zinc, ?! I have the brand "Schindele's" Mineralien.



  2. I like very much a long hair. I have long hair and I take care a lot with special shampoo. Also, with the long hair you can have a lot of differents hairstyles.


  3. love that blue hair! Looks like it belongs to a mermaid.

  4. beautiful! I want this vitamin too ;)

  5. I'm exactly the same! Mine has just about got to 'boob length' but I want it to be a bit longer...plus when I have it curly it's only just past the shoulders so I want it reealllyy long so my curls are long too! xx

  6. great Inspiration I´d wish to have thicker hair:/

    xoxo Lindsay

  7. aimee the blue hair is my fave! congrats for your new job at hugo boss. excited for you. :)

  8. this inspirations are so beautifull!



  9. I love long hair too, 2 years ago i cutted my hair, but now it is looong. It take quite a while to grow them. I take several vitamins, with those they grow faster:)

    - Alice


  10. I'm totally drooling over that Kim Kardashian hair! Gorgeous! xoxo ♥

  11. I'm currently growing my hair to waist length, maybe I will get to hip length! Currently at the annoying bra strap length - mid back stage! Slowly but surely we will get there, lol :D


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