Please . . . Stop teasing me #Davidlooksfine

I seem to be dedicating my posts today to guys, well I mean its not a bad choice when they look so good in the pictures I have featured! The new Elle cover featuring David Beckham revealed and golly does he look good.

The footballing fitty's cover will hit shops next month, for the July issue of the magazine, and I am quite excited to receive a copy I have to admit.

Collectors issue: 

Ladies please control yourselves! 


  1. I don't like him with all those tatoos...

  2. Oh I just love him. That is an issue I will certainly have to pick up!

  3. It's a great cover. I did not know he had so many tattoos.

  4. This cover is amazing, i wonder why hahaha I love him!

  5. Oooh he does look pretty fine there. But I LOVE his tattoos, his artist is really good.

  6. I don't like all the tattoos but he's still gorgeous under all that!


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