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The face of beauty - Today I went to a series of lectures that focused on different aspect of beauty from the way we perceive 'the face' and 'the ugly' as an aesthetic category. I personally find this whole area extremely interesting and would like to do a phd in beauty studies, in particular how ethnic cultures have influenced 'the face' of 'the beauty ideal.'

Below is a video titled 'Doll Face' it questions ideas on identity, desires and 'the beauty ideal,' highlighting aspirational goals (which are unachievable) - shouldn't we just be happy with the way we are?


  1. that video is scary. but i guess its in the hearts of all girls to be pretty. You can actually see the amount of work some people wants to get the job done. i guess it depends how happy they can be? i;m not so sure but its kinda scary. what if there s no more makeup in the world? at least we wont look the SAME. :)Thanks for sharing this video!

  2. the video is too brutal for me. but i agree with you.

    xoxo, andie
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  3. what's disturbing is the truth in this video, of trying to achieve a level of perfection, that is constantly being redefined. it's an impossible standard. companies don't want us to be happy with the way we are because then they don't make money, or sell their products. right?

  4. OMG it's total amazing VIDEO...i need one robot for me hate Mondays =)

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  5. That would be quite a fascinating topic.

    Love from South Africa

  6. i think i saw this video before, still giving me very bad thoughts but sure, we all do a lot to look the way we (think we) want to look like...

  7. i really don´t care about how a person looks. some are truly obsessed with it. attractive to me is the behaviour of a person cos if you are being a b... you are ugly to me.



  8. Scarred for life! but wow what a great video. Really makes me think about some things.

  9. That sounds like a amazingly interesting PHd project would love to do a Phd mhyself one day :)

    love your blog, following you


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