Morning fix. . . 13th March

Morning all, sorry about the lack of posts and replies lately, I will be sure to get back to you all tonight!

I am in love with this girls hair, I think I have an obsession with long hair now, as that's all I seem to be talking about and posting. What do you think?

Cropped trousers are big at the moment, skinny ones at that as well . . . . Hard to pull off. 

Recreate this look:

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  1. lovely , like color jeans !

  2. is someone close to reach 400 followers??? i see you reaching 400 followers pretty soon and the little giveaway of yours coming sooner than we thought.
    did you have a relaxing and fun weekend?

  3. I really like this look! Love the jeans! Great post. =)


  4. Love this inspiration outfit...and you've recreated it to perfection! Pastel jeans will be on my summer must list (considering our summer is 6 months away!)

  5. It's a really nice outfit. Great jeans, this color is so pretty.
    Love those shoes too.

  6. Such a great look for Spring!

    To answer your question from my blog...

    Yeap, Aime..she used to be on Sabrina the teenage witch and also Grosse pointe...Lindsay Sloane. The other actress is Lizzie Chaplan who was the goth girl in Mean Girls.

  7. Love pastel colors and this post is so inspiring!

  8. Love the first look, the color of the pants are amazing.

  9. Amazing!

    Thanks for this beautiful song dear

    Pls let me know if you have twitter or facebook
    HEre is mine

    <3 Una

  10. I totally loved that outfit on her blog! I see our tastes have something in common :) xoxo ♥

  11. those shoes are amazing!! need them!

  12. Pastel colors plus tee and jeans. It's so me! I like <3


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