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I love blogging and get so much enjoyment out of it, but would sometime like  to reach a larger audience. So why don't we help each other promote our blogs? I found this post on a blogger I was reader earlier and thought it was a really  cool idea, so here is what to do:

Before you can promote your blog, follow step 1 and step 2.  
(following other people always entices them to follow you back!)

STEP 1 - Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (it's situated at the top of the page)

STEP 3 - Leave a comment with your blog and a 
short explanation about your blog, so people are interested in your blog.

STEP 4 - Follow the blog in the comment above.

ENJOY & Happy Blogging!!

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  1. it's all about fashion*

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and we def follow each other, Im now following you, dont forget to follow back :-)

  3. Hi! Following you with GFC and Facebook!

    My blog is about all the things I love when it comes to aesthetics, so you will find Fashion, Photography, Food.. I only publish my own photographs! At the moment you can find my First Fashion Collection, which I was invited to design by the brand Queens! I hope you like it =b

  4. Hi! I am following your blog and 'liked' your FB page :)

    I blog about beauty products, mainly makeup. I post reviews and my opinions on products and FOTDs. I'm not a journalist or makeup expert (I'm actually studying to work in healthcare!), I just blog for fun! I'll follow anyone back if they follow me, providing their blog interests me!

  5. this is a great idea, i would offer a Drawing Request on my last post...
    we can promote each other that way. Followed you already on GFC and liked on FB.

  6. Life For Rent its a general blog for everybody hope you will enjoy and like my blog..:)

  7. This is an amazing idea!
    But I do not know what to write about my blog ... :)

    "My blog about fashion, style and life of their own and other people. In my blog you will always find fresh inspiration posts, my outfits and reports about interesting people, a style that surprises and fascinates.
    The right-hand column with labels will help you easily navigate the blog: films, inspiration, outfits, people.
    Read with pleasure, I work for you!

    From Russia with Love, Lena!"

    But all the same wrote :)


  8. This sounds like a such great idea. :)

    My blog is mostly about style (or fashion, whatever you say), but there's a lot also about food, travel, DIY and life in general... Plus, I'm trying to tell about life and things in Finland, so if you don't know my country, I'll give you the chance to learn about it. See you around! :)

  9. Great idea girl!

    My blog is all about fasion, beauty, nail art and general everyday life! Stop by and let me know what you think :D xxxxxxxx

  10. Nice idea! Following you now after the comment you left on Fluff and Fripperies yesterday :)

    My site is an Irish beauty blog with makeup and product reviews, a little bit of fashion and lifestyle, and other assorted fluff and fripperies!

  11. sure, we can follow each other :) i followed you.

  12. This is such a good idea!
    My blog is about all things beauty. From plus size fashion to makeup reviews and everything inbetween

  13. awesome idea!!
    My blog is just a collection of thoughts, stories and pictures that I love. Its full of inspirational quotes, amazing music, beautiful style that I find, along with some GORGEOUS photos :) Its basically like a box full of pretty little trinkets and gems that I love. I think that you'll like it a lot :) Check it out!


  14. My blog is all about beauty, fashion, health, and just the everyday life of a typical girl.

  15. aw this is such a great idea!
    my blog is about love and life. and fitness. health. and learning to love your body.

    hugs, xo!
    * *

  16. Awesome idea!

    My blog is about shoes, bags, outfits, accessories, love, my friends, and any girly thing I can think of!

    I already follow :)

  17. It's a great idea :)

    Just liked your page on facebook :



  18. great idea! =D

    my blog is about DIYs, sketchbook drawings, fashion and art (:

  19. Hey Aimee, thank you very much for your kind words on my blog. I really like yours! I'm already following you via all possible ways there are (bloglovin, twitter and facebook). Hope that you will follow me too. Hope that you like my stuff, and comment what you did like and what not.

    xoxo, Andie

  20. Loving this idea..

    Following you, be great if you follow back =)

    my blog's pretty much bout reviews on beauty and fashion stuff and pretty much about random stuff

    p.s: i'm having a giveaway, do join if you're keen



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