Hey boys heyyy

I recently had a request for more male inspiration post, so I thought I would do one this morning, Happy Mother's Day by the way!

Why is it none of the guys I know dress like this? Oh wait, I do know a few, except their all gay, typical. 

Loving the elements of traditional dress, mixed with contemporary. It is in my opinion a really cool look.

Frankie Morello Men Fall/Winter 2012-13 Full Show at Milan Men's 

Fashion Week | FashionTV - FTV 

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  1. wow! The last one it's so damn cool!

  2. I really love the last one. Oh, guys around here are usually in T's. I'd made a friend a slouchy hat for winter that would look so cool, but he won't wear it. Interestingly, he's dressing cooler because of his new girlfriend.

  3. thank you :)

    aww i totally love the first look, and also the #3 & #2 ;)
    bisous xxx

  4. i was gonna say i wonder how many of these guys are straight. or how many of them have stylists? either or neither it doesn't matter. they do own their looks. ;)

  5. oh LOVE #1

    and i say "hey girl hey" (inside joke) to my friends a lot


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