Ann Valerie Hash - Ready To Wear Fall 2012

I was lucky enough to be in the audience of this show - Ann Valerie Hash Fall 2012. Set in the surroundings of a lavish Parisian hotel, the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk. I'm guessing you won't be able to see me in the audience, considering some very tall female was stood right in front of me,  with her stupid Iphone taking countless pictures. Unfortunately my pictures were not to the same quality as the ones above, so we thank NowFashion for these lovely ones. 

Contrasting fabrics, sleek jackets and metallic tones were the back-drop to this collection. Tomorrow I will try and upload the video I took from this show, then you will understand how ANNOYING this woman was. 

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  1. Oh and to all the lovely people who have sent me messages and emails over the past few days and whilst I was away I will get back to you all tomorrow!! Thanks :)

  2. nice sleek collection

  3. That is so so exciting that you were able to be there! How fantastic! What a truly amazing experience! I love that first look especially. It is beautiful!

  4. gorgeous selection!!! love it all

  5. nice unique collection :)) love it!!

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  6. Stunning selection, love the fabrics!! xx Am following you on twitter doll :)


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