Saturday sounds. . .

Hey dolls, sorry about the lack of post today. I am currently in Bristol with one of my best friends (the one I saw in London the other week) and we are about to getting ready to go for a night out on the town. The journey wasn't great, travelling via train at rush hour is always stressful, but I did manage to get here safely, if not somewhat late.

I will be sure to answer all your comments before Monday, but have a great weekend and let me know what your plans are.

I just love these items and thought I would share them with you. .  .

Out of stock, but available from Boohoo

I learnt the rap to this the other day, so proud of mnyself haha !!


  1. cute shoes! and you go girl for learnng that!! (Angela also memorized it hahaha)

  2. Love that sweater! Drapes so perfectly in all the right places, and a great plum colour.

  3. Sweet slippers! Hope the weekend is fun.

  4. hope you having a great time in your travel!! i love these leopard print shoes :))

  5. Nice post!

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