Morning fix . . . 17th February

Typing February always baffles me, it just looks like it is spelt wrong. . . does anyone agree with me on that?

This morning, I got up early for once as, I had to be in university for a camera induction. Let's not forgot I did take A level photography, so I do know how to switch a camera on, the basic settings and how to transfer my pictures from SD card to computer - that's two hours of my life I will never get back, but I suppose you've just got to do it.

I have so many other things to press on with today, a list of things to do as long as my arm, but I thought I would do a little post before I start my fun filled day (it's packed with work and and more work, well let's not forget the cleaning, as my mother is coming to visit - so obviously not that fun - Hi mummy, seen as though she reads my blog).

I love these looks  . . .

If only it was warm enough to wear those sandals, loving the mustard tones though - I can see this trend continuing for years to come. 

A fairly simple combination, but it works really well - similar colour palate embellished with statement jewellery - AMAZING. 

Another simple outfit that works really well, those baby blue nails are really cute - note to self, I must stop bitting my nails to be able to paint my nails like that. 

Mint green, afrocentric inspired scarf, pleats and a leather jacket - all my favourite things in one.

I am going to have to buy myself a pair of Vans, unless any of you want to buy them for me? - Just thought I'd ask. 

 To my readers:
Does anyone who reads my blog desire advertising space, if so get in contact to advertise your brand on my blog. I am  looking to change things up a little in here and thought I would let you all know here first, so get in contact if you want to find out more. 

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  1. Well, twitter, but I rarely write there, lately there are more messages from Tumblr.!/LenaPota

  2. Lovely Pictures!!

    I love your blog! I´m follow you, if you like.. follow me back :-)


  3. Wow, the green shirt at the top is beautiful, love the leopard print detail :)

  4. Absolutely have trouble with writing the 2nd month too.

    Oh, MINT! So fun and clever.

  5. I love the first look, it is casual chic perfection! Hope you have a great weekend hun, enjoy time with your mum!

  6. Thanks so much for your visit on my blog: of course we can follow each other! I'm your new follower, hope to see u like my new follower too (GFC)

  7. that color of vans is nice ! :> that would be very nice on you xx

  8. great choices, love them

  9. for me it's all about the girl with the mint green skirt, the high bun hair, & fun scarf. have fun with your mum.

  10. hey dear hope u are doing well.
    love the l.jacket and baby blue nails of the pics.

  11. i love these look too yo. especially that mint green pleated skirt.. yum.
    much love from beemod..

  12. omg that first outfit is SO GORGEOUS. That's definitely something I'd wear without a doubt. And yay! A mullet skirt! I literally just made a post on that. Such a pretty skirt.

  13. Absolutely cutes outfits dear!!! Excuse my delay in answering you! And thanks for your lovely comment! Now, follow you by GFC too!!!
    *I just release a new image on my Facebook Official Page, hope you “like it” and drink a sip of ABSOstyle with me: join my day to day!!!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle
    Bloglovin’ * Twitter * fashiolista * LOOKBOOK * CHICISIMO

  14. The first look is my favorite - I like everything in that outfit.

    I agree with what you wrote about word February...and I think the same applies to word 'surprise'... :D



  15. very nice dear!
    check out my blog if u get a second!



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