Morning fix . . . 10th February

It's sooooo COLD! I am really starting to get bored of this weather now, as I can't wear all the outfits I want, instead my attire is covered with layers of jackets/coats/gloves/scarfs - ANNOYING, bring on the summer. Anyway, rant over, I am heading to London today to see two of my best friends and show the city how to party. I'm sure we will have a fantastic time and it will be great to have a catch up - what are everyones plans for the weekend?

How incredible are those shoes, does anyone know where I can find this style of shoe? I have been looking EVERYWHERE!

Kayla H, a fashion icon in the blogging world, I love her style she seems to make anything work and i have been reading what she has to say for a long time now. Although, I wouldn't personally wear the clothes she does (I haven't got the balls in all honesty), she does look amazing, let's not lie.

Cute jumper! 

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  1. aimee girl, these blog fashionistas definitely have style! nice pics. i've been following courtney for awhile. she has such an aesthetic. :)

  2. The shoes you may find some similar at Jeffrey Campbell. I love Rachel-Marie's style too!

  3. Those shoes are awesome...

    have a great time in London!!


  4. i love the casual look overall, it makes it so easy for me to pick it most of my days when youjuss dont feel like dressing up :))

    xoxo hanz :)
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  5. the shoes are typical pieces of jeffrey campbell Lita's the whole blogging world seems to own them, you can get them at:
    and pretty much any site you know.
    hope i helped you out a little bit.
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
    have a fabulous weekend

  6. I totally love the pants on the first one :D xoxo ♥


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