Blog awards

Well this post was meant to consist of an award I received a few days back, but for some reason my iPad isn't letting me upload the picture I wanted, how annoying, it's like I'm trying to do a nice post for my readers and thank those who have awarded me.

Well I will try again tonight, but I am currently on my way to London for a hairdressers appointment and then to see some friends. What is everyone else up to today?

whatever you're doing I hope you have a good day and remember to report back to me!


  1. its bright sunny day here so plan to go out and make the best of it!!! waiting for summer now :D

  2. Are you getting your hair dipped dyed?

    Oh, I just got up, feeling I should have really slept in this morning. Kind of rainy out.

  3. Oh, well can't wait to see which award this is! Don't worry...I've had an award I've received months and months ago (like seriously, months and months), and I still haven't posted about it. XD

  4. Today, i am working... and it is so nice out, that I just want to play outside!


  5. Hi dear, I am sorry for not visiting sooner, I was away on a mini break. Hope you're having a great time, good luck with the pics!


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