Morning fix . . . 29th January

It's 00:50 according to my mac clock, I don't know what is wrong with my sleeping pattern, or why I feel it necessary to post my morning fix at this time - it's not actually morning, but I suppose if I didn't there wouldn't be one.
How lush are these bad boys?! - Definite statement piece by D&G at House of Fraser: £164.00

I'm not sure about these boots in all honesty, parts of me loves them where as the other part is disliking the two tone colour aspect - what do you guys think? River Island Ankle boots: £75.00

Love these, but no idea where they are from, any ideas?

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  1. Awesome shades! Love these boots too! Hope you are having a sweet weekend.

  2. Love the pink booties and I have no clue where you can find them!

  3. love those shades

  4. the river island ankle boots are my fave! :)

  5. love the pink boots...don't know heir origin, but it'd be nice to have a pair, right?

  6. the river island boots look really great!
    i hope i could have one

  7. Uf those boots ins econd picture are great!


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