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I get sent a lot of press releases now a days, most of them boring, most of them I don't actually want thus them ending up unread in my trash folder. However, Lucy Frend, who has a fantastic collection I must add, was someone I wanted to receive one from,  in fact I requested it. On the whole, the content of a press release is quite dry, meanly to hit you with the facts and blow the designer's (or who it's about) trumpet - one reason why I hate them so much, but I actually really enjoyed reading Lucy's, so here it is in full . . . no  rewording, no editing:

Silk Scarves Are So Rock-n-Roll!    
 With no apologies, NYC designer Lucy Frend rocks a new aesthetic that expands the definition of pop culture rebellion.

NEW YORK—Don’t laugh at Lucy Frend.   What do silk scarves have to do with the anti-establishment ruckus that has defined rock music since Elvis first swiveled his hips in the ‘50’s before a shocked national television audience?  EVERYTHING!
But wait a second! Aren’t silk scarves the accoutrement of the bourgeoisie?  The staple of the Town & Country ruling class? Jackie O strolling down Park Avenue incognito?
Ms. Frend, in the spirit of all rock-n-roll iconoclasts, is redefining what it means to rebel in a most unexpected manner.     
Remember when Bob Dylan thumbed his nose at all the uptight folk purists at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival by trading in his acoustic guitar for the thunder and the feedback of truth that only an electric guitar can conjure?
Remember when Madonna shocked the world and the Catholic Church by boldly flaunting the integrity of sexual liberation with “Like a Virgin” and “Like a Prayer?”
In her own humble way, Lucy Frend is taking her cues from these courageous pop culture icons who dared to go against the grain by reinventing silk—a traditional paragon of establishment refinement--as a tool of stylish, populist rebellion.
This journey began several years ago.  As a lover of vintage, one-of-a-kind silk scarves, Ms. Frend was struck at the individuality of each piece she would randomly come across.  As the world tilts increasingly to the numbing, homogenizing forces of mass production, she was inspired and comforted by the care, creativity and craftsmanship behind many of the designs she was being exposed to in the silk scarf niche. 
Her passion grew as she went about hunting for the most exquisite pieces, which ultimately sparked a creative epiphany.   Simply put, who decreed that silk scarves are only meant as prim accessories to be tied around the neck, head, waist or handbag?  Why couldn’t they maker a bigger statement?! Why couldn’t they serve a more central role in the fashion choices of the modern 21st Century woman--those sexy, strong vixens looking for new aesthetic options that would consolidate traditional notions of female objectification with the uncompromising strength and sass of modern feminism?  Fueled by this realization, Frend got busy, proceeding to mix and match the scarves into tops. 
Inspired by indie rock royalty, Ms. Frend is poised to dress the leading lights of modern music including the likes of Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Annie Clark of St. Vincent, Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon and Swedish songstress, Lykke Li.  Feel free to point their handlers to these prototypes.

Lucy Frend is currently in her one-of-a-kind, vintage silk laboratory, masterminding other designs that are sure to thrill and surprise.  Stay tuned. 

LOVE IT - plus all the tops she has designed. They are something a bit different and I highly recommend you go have a further look at what is on offer. 

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