Morning fix . . . 12th December

I can't believe I have so much to do today, well over the next three days, by Wednesday I need to have done:
 1. A 1,000 word profile piece on Catherine Hepwright
 2. A 1,000 word review on The Clothes Show Live
 3.  Completed by Research folder
 4. Finished a 2,500 word essay
 5. Updated my 'myportfolio' with Issu magazines included
 6. Do a blog relating to a magazine I would like to work for
 7. Finished three articles in relation to a possible summer internship
 8. Launched my New York Doll vintage store online

I think I have that's it, but I probably will have forgotten something. Sorry if I don't find the time to do any blog posts, but that's what I'll be doing if you don't hear from me.What is everyone else up to over the next few days?


  1. Love the skirt!! That's a lot, I hope you get everything done!! x

  2. wow Aimee.. you're so busy! haha
    love all clothes:)


  3. Hi thanks for your comment.
    The shirt and skirt are lovely
    If you want to have Christmas Afternoon Tea at Ritz, visit my blog

  4. love the top and the skirt

  5. That is an awful lot of stuff to get done! You are beyond busy! I hope you get everything finished that you need to!

  6. good luck on getting all these tasks done!

  7. Omg i love this entire combination - I'd so wear it all together!

  8. love all those pieces! adorable shoes!


  9. wow those boots! If only...!! And they look super comfortable too, XO


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