How annoying!!

I love living in my own apartment, having my own space and generally living away from home, but the fact I have no WiFi is starting to annoy me. I have been living off a dongle, which is great for all of those of you out there that don't use the internet much, but for me it's awful! I am on a 'set package' that controls the amount of data I am allowed each month, fair enough I suppose, but you use the data soooooooo unbelievably quickly and yesterday, exactly six and a half days into my months contract it says I can no longer use the internet. That is after it has charged me £14 for a 5 minute Skype call with my parents - excellent. 
I can see this getting me into trouble, well it already has. Yesterday, I was meant to do a blog post for the company I work for - Of course, being the professional I am (haha oh I wish) I did, but from my phone, not including any photos (as my device didn't allow me to upload any), and to be quite frank not including enough content on the emerging designer,  (the topic I blog on every Sunday), Zedeye.
On the getting in trouble front, I looked on facebook about an hour ago and found the person I answer to had left me a nice little message. He said: 'Hi Aimee! Just one thing. In future, if you think you cant post on a day, then dont post. You dont have to let people know that the nets gone down. Just let me know and post once you get it back! Hope you had a great weekend! x' Yes, polite, fairly nice, but in a nutshell: 'Aimee get your act together.' I best rectify that post after this. 

Your probably wondering, well how have you done this post then? Well right now I am sat in the library using their WiFi, I will probably be here till late . . . woo. 

Anyway, here is my 'morning' fix, I know it's 3:59, well it was when I just looked at the clock, it's now 4:00pm. 


  1. Loving the last pic! I need one!

    (Bloggin about fasgion:
    ...maybe we can follow each others!? let me know if you want!

  2. Following you back my dear!
    Have a nice night!

    (Bloggin about fashion:

  3. That is such a horrible situation to be in. I'm sorry you have to deal with that! And the email was polite, but still manages to make you feel bad at the same time. THE WORST. I'm sorry! :(

  4. Hi love! The suede jacket is amazing! I used to live in a flat with wi-fi last year and i couldnt even log on youtube!!! I totally understand you :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Happy Monday :)))

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment! I do have twitter, but it's just a personal account. Nothing special! What is your twitter name?

  6. oh gosh! i would be absolutely dying without the internet. it's a must at all times!!
    xo TJ

  7. Good luck with your internet situation, it can be painful, I know. Have a great week anyways! xoxo

  8. Love that collar!Just cool item;)


  9. Hiya,sorry Ive taken a while to get back to you,so much stuff to do with uni.
    Thanks for your link to my blog. I dont have a page linking to blogs,other than my brothers,so Ive made a button/link down the side of my blog,so everyone can see it,it's between 'my blogs/albums' and 'share it' buttons,you can't miss it :D Let me know if that's alright x
    Hope your well,spk to you soon x

  10. Hi lovely, I like the collar and the sweater!!!
    I hope you can solve their problems!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  11. Hey lovely sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I'd be happy to link swap- email me and we'll sort it out! Mwah xx


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