Camden Town

Today, I visited London to see a friend and try ad do a little Christmas shopping, however, it didn't really go to plan and we ended up looking for for ourselves - oh well.
I'm currently sat on the train, just watching people around me; I actually find it so interesting. Do people not realise what they are doing? There guy in front of me picking this nose, he keeps looking around to check noone is looking then goes in for another dig.

 then there a woman sat singing to herself inbetween picking her teeth. If only they knew I was watching them - haha
You can obviously tell I'm pretty bored, as I'm blogging about my thoughts. It's a shame I don't have my laptop or I could actually do an interesting post!
Anyway, how was your day and what have you been up to?

Don't forget to have a look at the website, in particular the blogs! (Just cause I blog there)


  1. Yes, people are weird sometimes. Great blog and I am following you now! Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

  2. Aww i wish i go to London to do some shopping hehe

    Hope u had an amazing time with your friends.


  3. People watching is always one of my favourite things. It never ceases to amaze and amuse me!


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