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I really need to get back on with the 'What I'm wearing' posts, but I want them to be done with a professional camera from now on. That means I should get someone to take the pictures for me, as taking them yourself just becomes a bit of a faff! Hopefully, you will se some more pictures up again. . . give me a week, tops.
Today I had a four hour stint at university today, usually you'd think four hours, that's fine, but it was from 10am - 2pm, a two hour lecture followed by a two hour seminar session. Today in our class we worked on writing pieces for a newspaper, considering none of us had done that before it was a little challenging. We were given four different stories and had to decide an order to put them in in relevance, using the 'different values of news.' (relevance, immediacy, continuity,  negativity, drama and personalities) Drama/unexpectedness always wins, especially when a death occurs within the piece, with this in mind I began ordering all the extracts we were given and wrote two in the style 'new pieces' that needed to be around 200 words each. This is what I cam up with:

Story A:
The manageress of the Oxfam charity shop in Cross Street, Mrs. Joanna Reid, was shocked to discover an unusual item amongst the donations. Situated in a refuse bag, was a funeral urn.
 She described the bag in which she found the urn to be heavy and at first the pot inside appeared to be nothing of particular interest. It was only until she removed the tape, which held down the lid of the pot, did she find it was full of ashes.
It is a mystery as to who left the black bag and an appeal has been put out for the owner to come forward.
 ‘The ladies who work at the shop have been scared by the whole experience’ admitted Mrs. Reid ‘until it is removed from the shop I will not be at ease.’

Story D:
An 87-year-old widower was left fighting for her life today due to a serious accident causing horrific injures. Mrs. Susan Pope was found critically ill, at 9:55am today in her Nottingham home, after she tripped and fell through the door to her greenhouse. Leaving her suffering from a deep gash to the throat.
 A neighbour found Mrs. Pope fighting for her life, after she was alarmed by screams of cry and a crash of broken glass. She was shocked to discover a pool of blood with elderly woman in the middle, crumpled on the floor.  ‘I didn’t know what to do, at first, I thought someone had attacked her’ admitted Mrs. Pauline Rodgers. Once she alerted her husband, who rang for an ambulance she was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital.
Doctors inform us she is in a stable position for now, but the next 48 hours are crucial.

It was kind of being thrown in at the deep end, as news isn't my strong-point, but I suppose if I am to become a features writer I will have to learn to love the news, as features for magazines come from the backbone of news pieces.

Please can you keep sending in your street-style pictures, as well as pictures of what you are wearing, to be featured on this blog and the other blog I write for!


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