OMGODDDDERRRRRR I'm so busy now a days!

I use to go to school six days a week, I use to do extra activities on top and I use to be really busy - but never like this. I spend half my time walking the streets of Southampton, usually looking bewildered, as I try and navigate myself from place to place and the other half frantically trying to seal placements, under-take extra curricular activities, emailing back friends, family and followers and finally actually trying to pass my degree - yet it's only day one of the course, who knows what it will be like by week ten!
Today, I began the day with a blog post, which I hope you all read, then went to a two hour lecture, had an hours break (that wasn't really a break, as we were set with the task of reading 'The Sun,' as our newspaper of the week and I had to go on search for a copy with all copies being sold out at the university). From there, I went on to an hour seminar, where I was set with the challenge of interviewing someone I didn't know to try and find something interesting about them. I managed to find out her favourite food is chips and she has a weird obsession with using only curly handled forks, maybe I should rethink journalism if that's all I sourced! 
University itself was finished from there, but I had to dart over to the other university in Southampton to pay for my Italian course that I am doing every Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9pm. As if I wasn't tired enough from all the above, I promised a friend I could be photographer to a shoot he was conducting for the header of his blog, so that took up another two hours of my life - leaving me a broken woman. I did manage to scrap some energy together to drag myself to a sailing meeting, as I really want to join the club. 
Finally, at a 8pm I arrive home only to start on the mountain of reading I have, try fit in a spot to eat and of course watch Made In Chelsea, which doesn't seem to be working, due to 'technical difficulties'  - GREAT! 
Just a few pictures from the shoot . . . (behind the scenes) 

Also, please keep sending in your street-style post for both my 'Look of the Week'and 'TellusFashion' blog posts.


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