Interview with Rosheem

As one of my first tasks for university, I had to interview one of the members in my group. We literally had only five minutes to both interview each other and find an interesting fact about one another. I think I mentioned this before in a earlier post, but this is what I manage to scrap together:

Rosheem is an 18-year-old student studying fashion journalism in Southampton. Coming from Coventry she finds the two worlds apart – loving the fact she has escaped her two older brothers aged 22 & 19 – but being on such an intense course has left her uncertain to what path she wants to take next. ‘It’s hard,’ she says ‘the hardest part of this diverse, complicated and yet amazing profession is the pressure and competition from so many others. I’m sitting in a room of 12 with everybody (for now) wanting the same things, to be an editor for Vogue. The whole process scares me, but I think I’m ready for the challenge.’
‘For a very long time, I never dreamt big,’ she admits. ‘Everybody at school always had the desire to be an astronaut or ballet teacher for example, but I never did, I revelled in the comfort of family life, being very close with my sister (16) and my parents.’ She spent a lot of time with her mother, as she doesn’t work, and bonded with her father through his business, CFC motors.
She says this all changed when she went on expedition to Botswana and Zambia. Having witnessed the poverty and aided with voluntary work she has been given a real taste for life. ‘The conditions people lived in where horrendous and I was brought to tears on many an occasion. The month long expedition taught me how to work with others, experience another culture and gave me the drive to make the most of my life’ she said. She also admits: ‘I would love to go back some day when I’m a little older to see if things have developed.’
And how did fashion journalism come into the picture? ‘I’ve always has a love of fashion; spending what pocket money I had on clothes, as well as, having an obsession with magazines. They would literally cover the floor of my bedroom and my mum was forever getting angry with me because of it. Looking at courses online I wanted to find something that combined the two and I liked the look of the Solent Writing fashion and culture course.’

Sound okay? I have never written an interview piece before and found it quite hard. Lets hope next time we have a little longer to interview each other! 


  1. It sounds great :) I have writing interview pieces cause I never feel like I've wrote them right lol xx


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