I'm so tired

I went back to university today, which was good, as we have so much work to do; I don't want to get behind and have a mountain of catch up to do, but it's made me even more tired than I was before. I have literally eaten a whole packet of those energy tablet things, and I'm guessing that they aren't too good for you. I have taken a shed load of multivitamins, plus all my tablets that I'm on at the moment and still feel like death - excuse the slight use of exaggeration. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow, that is if I don't wake up in the middle of the night again with a soar throat, who knew a soar throat could wake you up and then KEEP you awake for numerous hours - oh curse the life of a student!

Other than that, I'm having a great time here - lets not worry the parents, I'm sure they read my blog, well at least I hope they do. Considering my mum has forgotten to pick me up from school a few times when I was younger and usually switches off when I start talking (I see her mind jumping from one topic to another whilst I example my life story), I'm guessing she doesn't.


Thank you for all your comments, I will endeavour to reply back to you all, but for a quicker response tweet me on @Aimee_Victoria

Aimee xxx