I lost my debit card!!

I currently in a really bad mood, as I have lost my debit card and I don't know how it happened! I'm such an organised person usually and if you could see the wall in-front of me, it is covered in a timetables and numerous sticky notes. . . WHY does this have to happen to me? I'm going to have to live off five pounds until my new debit card comes through (that's if I decide not to use my credit card, but I hate using it!). As you can probably tell I am really annoyed. . .
Hopefully, my next post will be less ranty and more light hearted :D


  1. Hope you did close down it (or how to say this in English:D). I wouldn't bee too glad either if any of my cards was missing. :D I hope you find your beloved! :DD

  2. that sucks :(

    just to let you know i gave your blog an award !
    maybe that will cheer you up



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