Is it just me or when you hear the opening sequence to that channel four series you just have to shout out 'Gok's FASHION' in the campest voice (well I do). I posted before saying how the filming to that show was in Southampton the other day and I happened to be in the audience. It must have been fate, as in the morning my flat mate and I decided we should make an effort to go out during the day. . . what a relieve we did, as there were film crews everywhere!
We queued for a little over three hours, I started to feel hungry, tired and as though I should just walk away, no celebrity was worth this much of my time, especially when I was surrounded by other fashion/Gok lovers crowding, pushing and a incredibly annoying woman who had to moan about everything! That type of person really does get on my nerves, any small little matter she would moan about, only diverting from her rants when she thought she saw some 'beautiful guy.' Her 'beautiful' and my beautiful, are two completely different things, as I honestly don't find a six foot two, slightly over-weight, missing his front teeth body guard to be very 'beautiful.'
When Gok did finally arrive he was met with loud cheers and an overwhelming response, I don't think even he thought that that many people would turn up, there must have been over 10,000 people there to support the show! To start with, the audience had to do 'crowd shots,' where we all cheered/clapped and danced to the music they proved us with. Acting overly happy and energetic is something that comes naturally to me, so this was actually pretty fun. As the cameras rolled, girls did anything to get there moment in the spotlight, quite irritating in all honesty, as really the camera should have just stayed on me (haha).
This series has implemented a bit of a change, instead of high-street vs designer it's high-street vs high-street, weird I know, and Gok does all 8 outfits (NO PUG LADY ANYMORE!). He has created a range of outfits with four being priced at around £50 and the other four at £250 and the mix in styles and colours was quite eclectic. I felt so special when I was given the pink and black paddles to choose between the two sets, I went for pink, which was the £250 collection, but this time the blacks won! That show is set to air in 4-5 weeks time, so make sure you tune in and maybe we'll get a little glimpse of me on the tele, how exciting!

My flatmate - Terri

Gok making a little video on his phone of a tweet post! - do you all follow him on twitter? 

One of the looks - Can you tell which on is £50? 

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  1. I would very much like to go to one of those shows! You are so lucky :)
    I'm your newest follower.I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you like it! :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to an event like this, it looks so fun and I liked Gok on 'How to look good naked'. I don't follow him on twitter (mainly because I barely use it), but it's so cute that he made a video for his tweet :).



  3. no i dont follow him but i guess i should!



  4. Great post!!!! Looks like an awesome show


  5. Looks like fuun!!! Nice blog, check out mine :)

    hugs, Emma


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