What I'm Wearing - 30th August

I have had the most lovely day today!! I went round to Milly's house for a picnic with her and her little sister, it was so cute. They had prepared a little banquet, which we all devoured in great speed; cake, chocolates, sandwiches and loads loads more. Wish you all could have been there :) 

Today I chose to wear 'ethnic chic' haha - I sound so strange, but it is a little game my friend Polly and I play each day. Whenever you get dressed you have to channel a certain look (something you choose of course) and give it a name, today I (thought I) went 'ethnic chic,' previous looks include 'RiRi and B' (Rihanna and Beyonce), 'Pirate of the caribbean' and 'Modern day Pocahontas,' I'm clearly far to cool (or have too much spare time on my hands lately). 
I have a hideous amount of bracelets on (I use the term bracelets loosely). . . 

(Leeds fest this year, last year and over 18's band, a hairband and some random african bracelets) 

A pair of (hard-core) earrings, they are clearly bone . . . I joke, that would be disgusting! (My mother hates these earrings, I got them at Leeds fest, and i think I'm only wearing them to annoy her, what a LOVELY daughter I am) 

I also got this henna tattoo and Leeds, can't remember if I have already told you. . . but anyway, Milly and I got matching 'rooster' symbol tattoos in chinese.

And finally the outfit: The 'Jasmine' trousers were from Turkey and I got them last year at a market stall. My top is just a white vest top from Topshop, cardigan is American Eagle and the denim jacket is Mango, which I got about a year ago. 


  1. I follow you! but my inglish is not very good, so maybe I don't understand all :S
    Yes, the boy of the video of my blog is Cameron, from the glee proyect. I'm addicted to glee! jajajaja

  2. I love Glee as well and knew it was him, thanks for following my blog. I'm sure you will be able to understand, your English isn't bad :)

  3. AIMEE! Your picnic looks so scrumptious =D Looks like you had a lot of fun. Your outfit is just TOO cute..LOVE the denim jacket...you really live up to your name.. you are a dolllll =D


  4. wow i love picnic! i love food too! haha
    love your denim jacket!
    i'd like to invite you to join my giveaway, here's the link hun:
    let me know hun..
    would love to follow you!
    thank you


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