What I'm Wearing - 16th August

I'm actually really excited for today, my friend Polly (The Arty Rah blog) are going charity shop shopping. I've never really done it before, but I hear you can get some great things if you really look. Who knows what I'll end up with, but I seem to be spending far too much money lately, mainly on clothes and going out.
When I was in Africa I spent a lot of time with my group pretending to be very 'ghetto' and 'not phased by anything' . . . coming out with phrases like 'and what,' 'what of it,' 'I'm not even scared' ETC . . . All those come to mind right now . . . 'It doesn't phase me I'm spending all my money on clothes, AND WHAT.' I think my parents think I have gone crazy with some of my late expressions . . oh well.
I'm bringing my camera along, so hopefully I will be able to get some great photographs of the day - this is what i'm wearing today.

The Lumberjack top is from Pop Boutique in Leeds and I think it was £19, so pretty good really and the skirt was from Urban Outfitter - Levi. I'll be wearing a Barbour quilted jacket over the top, as it doesn't look to warm outside! What shoes shall I wear with it?


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