What I'm Wearing - 12th August - On the night

As I said, here are a few pictures showing you what I was wearing last night. . .

I never know how to wear lace, it's one of those things where the question is . . . 'Do I just 'try' and work the bra look?' . . . 'Do I opt for a little top underneath?!' . . . I went for the latter, as I felt there was far too much cleavage on display LOL. The dress is from Ark and cost me £24.99 and the shoes are River Island and I got them in the sale last month for a mere £20 - WHAT A FIND!  (Despite the 4:30 am arrival home I still got up at 7:30 - what's wrong with me?)


  1. u look lovely :) btw thx for checking out my blog!!!

  2. Thanks you very much :) And no problem!


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