Leeds Fest 2011

It's now eight o'clock and I arrived back home around two hours ago, admittedly earlier that anticipated, but you find out why in due time. It's been a few days full of mud, rain, laughter, alcohol and crazy people, but I have loved every minute of it (well near enough). I did try and send a few posts from my phone, but (annoyingly) they didn't send and I'm still trying to decipher why. . . 
When I actually got to Leeds, our tent was already up, friends had made camp cosy and we were ready to rock 'n' roll, being the first night (Thursday) the bands hadn't begun, but we were met with a whole host of 'warm up' acts and other various forms of entertainment. Muse were absolutely incredible, I honestly don't think I have seen anyone give such a good live performance, despite nearly dying at the front of the crowd and having to be dragged out (That time, I was scared). Being only 5'4 (if that) in a sea of people that appear to be at least six foot is really quite daunting, especially when everyone decides to create a 'mosh' pit  and said person is lifted off the ground by the sheer compactness of the crowd . . . I'm not explaining it well, I know, but whatever - it was scary, that's all you need to know! 

However, my favourite band of the weekend had to be two door cinema club, they played near enough their whole album and sadly it was their last U.K gig of the year, as they are off back to old Ireland to make a few more records to brighten our day with. If you haven't heard of them before I really recommend that you have a listen - I'd say they are a dance indie kind of group, you know what, just have a listen. 

The crowds went crazy . . . . again. . .and of course, I was front row (stage right) . . . can anyone see me?  
Anyway, on why I came back early. As I told you before I went with my friend Milly Brice and we had decided today, just so we could get to the front of the crowd, we'd eat as much as we could at our tent for breakfast. (Therefore we wouldn't have to go back to the tent for more food or leave the crowd to go to a stand). That did include tomato pasta, that had been in our bag since Thursday and had probably gone off, fruit, go-ahead bars and other things we just found floating around in our tent, we were very full! Jumping around and getting more and more squished by the B.O ridden people around us began to make Mil feel very very ill. So much so that she nearly passed out in the crowd, had to be dragged (me following behind) and was violently sick on route to the toilets (in-front of everyone) . . . She managed to get herself quite an audience actually, I was very impressed, ones that chanted, clapped and worshipped her (clearly they thought we had drank A LOT of alcohol and weren't just fat pigs). I took all the glory, greeting our audience members, laughing, but bless Milly. We then thought it was time to go home, 6pm collection by my Daddy after a funny little phone call re-telling the story. 

Here is a few picture I just took on webcam of my face-paint, all in aid of Oxfam GROW campaign. 

A little green hand, to show everyone can get their hands dirty and get involved in the campaign (Sorry about my roughness, lets not forget I haven't slept in a long time and have been in the rain for days) 

A lightening bolt - just for the hell of it (I mean why not, i'm at a festival, I can do what I want).

And of course a headscarf and very messy hair. I thought I looked fairly cool, with a Barbour jacket and denim hot pants.


  1. Aw Aimee, you look so cute! LOVE the head scarf and face paint! I'm glad you had such an amazing time!


  2. cute headscarf:) i hope you had a great time at leeds; i would've loved to go!
    xo Elly @ strawberrylacemoustache.blogspot.com

  3. I had an amazing time, thank you very much :) xxx


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