Current music obsessions!

I have always loved music, no matter how cheesey . . weird and wonderful it is, I seem to have a fairly electric taste ranging from the like of Damien Rice to Beyonce, Two Door Cinema Club to The Supremes. Below are a few videos of some current songs/artists I am obsessing over . . tell me what you think of them.

There is something about this acoustic version that makes it more calming, yet this hones down the drama. . . very powerful, what a beaut. All I think of when I here this song is Polly and driving along in the car singing it at full blast.

This woman can do no wrong in my eyes, she is the epitome of femininity and I adore her, secretly (well not so secretly) I want to be her! I think I may sing this song at one of my up and coming auditions.

Everyone like a little bit of a boyband right? . . . well I certainly do, so what if I have a little crush on two of the members!

WHAT A LEGEND!! . . . he doesn't even need words, he's just beyond them. Finally . . .

 It reminds me so much of my time in Africa. . . and the gospel choir I use to be in years ago. This just makes me want to upload me singing on to Youtube, but I have to admit I am very scared at the responses and comments it may get.


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  2. Music = Life for me! Cant live without it!
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  3. I adore The Wanted! And I'm currently obsessing over Two Door Cinema Club too. I've got 'Something Good Can Work' on repeat!


  4. Nice songs, you have great taste in music!

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