Clothes . . . . Arghhhh!!!

So in an earlier post I told you I was 'sorting out my life,' somewhat over dramatic I have to admit, but very very true. This is what I have spent the whole day doing . . .

The massive pile of washing (admittedly I haven't got through all of it, but I did give it a good go!), I'm sure my mother will be less than pleased to see the state of my room now on the internet!

I had to protect this dress from all the chaos going on in my room (It's my leavers ball dress, you probably recognise it).

I began by folding all my clothes which had just been washed . . . seemed easy enough, until I decided I needed to take out one side of my wardrobe and decide what needed to be kept and thrown away . . .

Then it just got a little crazy!

Now I have just given up . . . everything remains in the same place, I don't know where I will sleep . . spare room? I have the joys of finishing tomorrow and oh lets not forget the other side of the wardrobe to tackle!

No 'What I'm wearing' posts today, as what I would be wearing is probably on the floor!


  1. Haha! That looks like my room when I clean it! (cleaning my room tends to be a two to three day crusade!)

  2. Hi =D I found you via IFB! =D Your blog is so cute! I'm now a follower! I'd love it if you could check out my blog as well! =D


    Looking forward to more updates =D

  3. lool we have the same trouble! TOO MUCH LOVELY CLOTHES.xx


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