Casual and Simple

This is what I am wearing today, it's really relaxed and just simple. I bought the skirt nearly two years ago now, I think from urban outfitters. I love how bright it is and kind of daring, before that point of purchase I had never really worn anything to overt and stuck to what I thought would fit with everyone round me. You could say that this skirt was a pivotal point in my style and a big 'I don't give a F***' to what people may be thinking, as long as I like it. From then on in I have become more expressive in what I wear and never try to fit in to particular look, just what suits really. The blouse I got a few months ago, maybe at Christmas actually, is from a vintage boutique in Leeds. I have quite a few things from there and I'm sure over the next few posts you will get to see.


  1. I love that skirt! It kind of looks tribal! Very cute! xD

  2. why is this tagged anorexia? I see no mention in your prolific text

  3. I'm really so sorry that I tagged it as 'anorexia' and mentioned nothing of it in the 'prolific' . . . Maybe it was because I used some of these pictures and distorted them for a project I did on anorexia.
    I am no expert, but if you have nothing better to do than try and find fault in other peoples blogs you really do lead an unexciting life. If you don't like my blog, don't read, don't visit, there is really no need for your comments. The fact you leave them as 'anonymous' as well is somewhat disturbing and you should find something better to do with your spare time.
    Love Aimee
    (Thank you to all my genuinely nice readers, who share their thoughts on fashion in a kind and sensible manner)


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