The Aimee Victoria Long Daily

Omgoshhh everyone this website is sooooooo cool, I mean so cool! Thanks to my Daddy's Twitter knowledge I have been able to set up my own newspaper. It sounds strange I know, but there is a website out there that gathers all the posts and information on people you follow on Twitter and creates a daily newspaper, on all of those people. WEIRD = COOL! Not only does it do this, but you can set it to just create a newspaper on certain lists you have made, as you can tell by my tone in this piece I am soooooo excited and yet shocked - WOW. Anyway, I hope you like reading my blog, as well as, my newspaper.

The Aimee Victoria Long Daily - so much better than the news of the world!


Thank you for all your comments, I will endeavour to reply back to you all, but for a quicker response tweet me on @Aimee_Victoria

Aimee xxx