Applying to universities at the moment and a recent reply from UCA asked me to complete a brief in order to reach the next part of the selection process.

'On a desert island, the pigeon post will bring only one publication each month. Which one would you choose and why?'

When stranded on a deserted island my thoughts, just like many others, would turn from the usual stream of consciousness: what’s taking place on E-online, when’s Dazed & Confused next issue being released, does this dress make my bum look big, to SURVIVAL! Yes, in an ideal world pages and pages of Elle would surround me, but is that really going to keep me alive?

Forget Lucy & Bart, Vogue and i-D magazine, I’d choose ‘Bushcraft and survival skills.’ It has recently become more widely recognized due to the release of Ray Mears television series, offering an insight into foraging, fire lighting, surviving in the wild and tracking, something that I would have to learn if I had any chance of making it off that island. Although, this creates a huge dichotomy from the subject matter I usually read, it’s not just heavy articles and tiresome tips that I’d face, but reader giveaways and competitions – hopefully a one-way ticket off the island would be my winners’ prize!


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