What inspires me most in fashion is looking at everyone else's style. Yes, celebrity looks are cool to try and imitate, but the best is what comes from us. There are no set rules on how we have to look and most of us just wear what we want because we like it. So, I've been thinking, I'd love to see what everyone who reads my blog wears! Once a week from now on, I will have a look of the week, where in which one of my fellow readers will be featured! To be given the chance to be 'the look of the week' send your pictures and what your wearing (including prices, where it's from if applicable) to and in the subject box call it 'My Look of the Week.' You can enter as many different looks as you want!


  1. Great idea!! I will definitely take part in this :) Thank you for you sweet comment & the blog visit! :) I am following you, and I'd love if you would come follow back!

    Kirstin Marie

  2. What a cool idea, and I love those inspirational pics! :)

  3. Awesome, I'll def send you my "look of the week" the next time I take some outfit pics (probably New Years, but maybe sooner :))

  4. inspiring photos!
    lovely blog

  5. cool idea! and cool blog! I follow you

    visit my blog =)

    happy new year!

  6. oh what an awesome idea!! love it!
    great blog hun and im now a follower!
    come by and follow mine if you'd like

  7. the last picture is my favorite-LOVE everythign about it!

  8. I love street style! It's very inspiring and I LOVE your idea!!:)

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog and follow if you like! I'll happily follow back!xx

  9. totally agree with you - there are no set of rules :):)
    happened to stumble upon your your colorful pictures. following you from today :)

  10. Thank all for all your comments! It's lovely to hear from you xx


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