Rihanna can do no wrong in my eyes. The sexy female singer rushed to tabloid attention last week for her raunchy appearance on the X Factor. It's true to say, her moves were rather provocative, but you only know that because you stayed to watch, wasn't that what she intended?
In my opinion, the majority of the complaints will have come from middle aged women watching their husbands drool over a twenty something sex symbol, whilst looking down at their widening hip lines and army of children. I mean if I was in their position I'd complain! But thankfully, I'm still only 17 with many great years ahead of me.



  1. Rihanna is a sex goddess she can do what she want !

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  3. Thank you! I am now following your blog x

  4. Well.. I am not a middle aged woman and I don't like rihanna very much, I will focus on this video in your post specifically, the song in my opinion is a bit of a waste of 3 minutes that I spent watching it! The outfit could have been improved if she was going for vintage-sexy, but then typically, added too much bling. I was looking forward to seeing all the raunchy moves in the video that you mentioned but got disappointed there as well! So she wiggles her butt here and there... I think even Miley Cyrus can do better, lol!

    Sorry, not a negative post, just felt like sharing my views! :-)


  5. Brilliant, I like a little bit of controversy! Love the fact you have aired your views, keep them coming!


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