Morning fix. . . 19th March

11 days till my birthday!!!! I am so excited, it means I will be back in Yorkshire very soon, seeing my best friends and then embarking upon a trip to Amsterdam for my actual birthday - CRAY CRAY. I can guarantee it is going to be a wild couple of days, paracetamol may be needed!

Look at the length of her hair!! I am having hair envy right now, if only my hair could grow that extra four inches I want over night, oh if only!!! I chose this look because I like it's simplicity and casual feel, khaki jacket, black jeans and a netted white top, so on trend, but something which will stay from season to season. 

Well you have nice legs, no i'm not prevuing on this girl. I'm just jealous of how toned and unblemished they are . . . mine are the polar opposite. Floral prints are really cute and add a girly feel to every outfit.


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  1. I want to wear the first outfit, very urbane and those boots rock.

  2. Only 11 days! :D how exciting!! I hope you have an amazing birthday. Love all these outfits xx

  3. These outfits are very pretty. The first one is so stylish.

  4. I love the 3rd! Omg, she is stunning! <3


  5. I so love those socks. Yeah, floral shorts would be great for spring.

  6. lovely photos

  7. 11 days, how exciting! And it's not so much the hair that's getting me green in that first photo, but the boots! OMG I want them!!

    Thanks for the award! I've mentioned you on my blog. :)

  8. Ha! Love this post. I often have hair envy, which is why I just bought Hair, Nail, Skin vitamins. Try it, maybe it will help it grow!

    Also, I just posted pics of details from my bridal shower/bachelorette weekend. Check it out!


  9. oh how jealous I am on your birthday trip!! How abotu hair extensions for now?...
    Im following you on Twitter and have liked on facebook:
    here's my fb link:

  10. for me it's all about that rainbow psychedelic skirt! yes, those models have gorgeous hair. i wonder if any of it is extensions? ;) i say that because when i complimented someone on their hair they told me it was fake. i couldn't tell.

  11. It sounds like your birthday is going to be such a fun celebration! How exciting! I love these photos. I am having some hair envy as well!

  12. Hahahahah i always have hair envy too! It seems that mine got stucked and won´t grow no more :/
    Now only 9 days!!!! the bday is coming closer!!! have you done you wishlist?

    1. I have made my wishlist, i did that ages ago hahaha Soooooo excited!!!

  13. Never seen those 'space' skirts before, I love that one! And the floral shorts :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I would like for us to be followers! xxx

  14. Hi Aimee, just read your comment on my post and so glad you like my blog. Your blogg is utter awesome-ness and I would love to follow each other, I'm following you as we speak. Also will search for you on facebook. Stay in touch and stay smiling :) And I also have hair envy now, been growing my hair for forever and no where near as long as these girls.

    B xxx

  15. Great, now I have hair envy!! I wish my hair could grow overnight :(
    Love, love, love your blog! :)

  16. Lovely blog!!!!!! I follow you right now!!!!!!!!
    follow me back please :)

  17. God, love all the sweet hairstyles! Wish my hair was like that! :)
    You left a comment on my blog, I answered you on this page

    I love your blog actually, so I'll sure follow! :) Follow me back if you wish.


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