What I'm wearing - Household Grunge

After spending the morning at the gym (that outfit was far too special to share with you all lol), I resorted back to what I like to call household grunge, clothes that don't really look nice, you don't care if they match or go together at all, but are comfortable! That was my look for today, the top was from Bershka and I got it when I went to Amsterdam for my 16th birthday. The shorts were from Topshop and are about 4 years old - I'm definitely on the grunge today.  Sorry for the poor quality of the picture (and the lack of make-up) I shall resort back to my other camera tomorrow!


  1. Haha I love "household grunge"! When I'm just at home and know I'm not going to be going anywhere, it's really hard to dress myself up! Shorts and tee shirts have been my outfit of choice lately!

  2. Same, it's the best way! If not just your pj's all day :)


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